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Don't make a mountin out of a mole hill.....

Traditional Mole Trapping

Has your lawn, paddock, farm or playing field been visited by the Velvet Gentleman? With this little chap being able to dig up to 200 meters in one day, he works very hard considering he could be no longer than 150 mm and weigh as little as a 120 grams. No wonder you’re getting mounds of soil popping up as he could be looking for his next meal. He works so hard he will want to eat up to 20 worms a day.


We use traditional traps and the art of field craft to locate the moles tunnels to set our traps. Using a combination of traps we can set traps discreetly, so as not to be undisturbed from the surface. Some we use you can't see from above ground!


Being proud members of The British Mole Catchers, we have perfected our catching skills and are so confident we offer a "no catch, no fee" promise. With each mole needing at least two visits, if in the unlikely event we are unsuccessful we ask for no fee.







Best Practise

As with any pest, although we ultimately want the problem sorted we pay a great deal of respect to the mole, and owe it the quickest and most humane despatch possible. There are so called humane traps on the market which trap the mole alive to be relocated. These may sound like a good idea, but are far from humane. Being set and left for a number of hours the mole can become very distressed, and will suffer unnecessary. As moles are very territorial animals who live alone, relocating them on other mole runs can be one of the worst things to do. As for gassing (Phostoxin), which is highly dangerous not just to wildlife but also to humans, will leave you unable to access the affected area for a number of days. As this gas works on the nervous system it kills anything which comes in contact with it, it is a unselective pesticide. With traditional field craft we can just target the mole and deal safely and quickly.

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